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Old Towne Throwdown Winners

The Old Towne Throwdown was a success thanks to all of our volunteers, athletes and spectators!!!

Some of you know our story, but some don’t. This was our very first competition since opening in March, and some people thought we could never pull it off in such a short time. Alvin Lunz, the owner of Old Towne Fitness, had a vision when he bought this old building October 2020. A vision that took 6 long months of hard work before others could see it. It took that long to get the old building ready. We opened in March of 2021, just 9 months ago. Alvin’s first glimpse of this old run down building, through a single broken window, he saw the perfect space for competitions to take place. In a matter of minutes, through that broken glass, he visioned the rig, the ropes, the turf, the action, the community!

Saturday he got to see it all unfold in real life. It was nothing short of amazing! We had the pleasure of hosting some of the fittest athletes around, even some past & present CrossFit games athletes, in this old building.

You guys showed up, worked hard, and it was beautiful. The building was full of people, full of our community, full of our neighboring gyms, all here to love and support EACH OTHER! Which is exactly what this sport is all about .We want to just say THANK YOU and we can’t wait to do it again!!!

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